Brad Keaton

Brad Keaton

Brad Keaton is a Singer/Songwriter from Spartanburg, SC. He has an exhaustive vocal range, a memorable look and an ability to communicate a song from the soul. In fact, Brad would say that he is a soul singer, though the music behind him changes. Brad has been singing since he was 3 years old and has been writing songs for 15 years. He has perfected his craft over the last 30 years, drawing from a wide range of influences. Brad is a recording artist, he has been featured on tv shows and on other artist's albums, and he is a worship leader. Brad's latest Music Project "That To This" is available everywhere Music is sold online. Find his Music and Follow Brad at

Here are a few Q&A about Brad:   

What would you do if you weren't a musician? 
     If I weren't a Musician, I would probably be a Realtor.

What is something you do before and after every show?
     Before the Show, I definitely have to have my tea (it's a security blanket).  And after the Show, I love to stick around and meet as many new people as I can.
Tell us something truly unique about you
     I can wiggle my ears, spin a basketball on any finger or knuckle, and I started singing harmony with my parents at the age of 3.
What's one song you never get sick of playing?
     Georgia On My Mind
Describe your music in 3 words. 
     Soulful. Connecting. Experience.
If you were a cartoon character, who would you be?
     Definitely would be Daffy Duck, because he was always the one cracking jokes and being crazy
Favorite wing sauce at Wild Wing Cafe?
     Wild West